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Who Really Has Your Back?

Former Reagan Operative “We NEED
People In Our Corner… But Not Just Any People”

Dear friend,

Do you ever look around and wonder what happened to your country?

Do you worry about the future your children or grandchildren will inherit?

Each election cycle we’re bombarded with promises that things will finally turn around but each year things instead spiral more and more out of control.

The truth is, we live in a system that was created by out-of-touch politicians. As a former Washington insider, working as an operative for Ronald Reagan, I’ve seen first-hand how it really works.

The delusional majority in this country likes to believe that this country’s values of democracy, strength, and freedom are being defended by our politicians in Washington but I’m here to tell you nothing could not be further from the truth.​

NEWSFLASH! In Washington, decisions are made with one thing in mind. Re-election. If it's good for re-election, that's all that matters. Forget the growing size of government. Forget the out of control spending. FORGET FREEDOM!! 

I know I get worked up about this, but I can’t help it when every day I watch the very freedoms I fought for in Washington, get dismantled right in front of us. And so few even notice it happening.

Since you’re reading this, I know you see it, too.​

If you’re paying attention, you probably get worked up over the same things I do.

Maybe right now you’re on a fixed income and are still waiting for the day you don’t have to pay expensive medical bills (weren’t we promised an end to these with Obamacare!? That didn’t work out the way we were told…)

Or maybe in 2008, you watched your retirement savings plummet. Maybe you had to delay retirement (again!) to catch up.

Or maybe you’re like me and have just had enough. Fed up seeing the government doing nothing to stop terrorism happening on American soil. Of constantly seeing horrific events on the news and wondering if your town is next…

You're wise to be concerned.
You’re also not alone.

If you’ve spent time thinking about these troubling realities, you’re part of a growing minority.

Folks are finally waking up, but there’s still not many of us. And that’s terrifying.​

My name is Lee Bellinger and I'm the founder of Independent Living News. I help people depend LESS on the government and more on themselves.

I'm also the chairman of the Advanced Freedom Club: but I'll get to that in just a second. 

First I want to share something with you that I learned during my time in Washington. I cut my teeth in the "dog eat dog" world of 1980's Washington politics. I became friends with many of the world's most powerful leaders. I even had the honor of speaking with President Reagan on several occasions. He is a true hero of mine.

What the Nation’s Security Experts Are Actually Protecting

During my time in Washington, there was a turning point moment for me. The kind of event people like to call a “lightbulb moment.”

 ​I still remember the day the lightbulb went off in my head...

At that time, I lived on a 52-foot yacht called "Off the Record II." I hosted several social events aboard attended by many of our nation's most powerful people.

It wasn’t uncommon for me to play host to top political leaders, high-ranking military personnel, and even Secret Service agents and elite security advisors. It was at these events where I gained inside knowledge about what happens at the highest levels of government. I spent most of the time keeping my mouth shut and my ears wide open.​

One particular event stands out for me. I was privy to a rare conversation between top security advisors.

Were they discussing how to protect our nation against its growing threats? Far from it. They were instead talking about how they were protecting themselves and their families!

They discussed at length the measures they were taking for their own protection. Back up generators. Water filtration systems. Bug out bags. Long term food supplies. Firearms.

These were the people in charge of our nation's security!

If they weren’t going to be caught without a Plan B, neither was I. And as the contents of that conversation played on repeat in my brain, I realized that most Americans would have no clue what to do on the day my Plan B went into action.

That's where it all started for me. I vowed to do everything in my power to teach as many people as I could about how to protect themselves and their families.

So since that day and the decades after, I've published a private intelligence briefing called Independent Living News.

Help is NOT coming...

For decades I've published a private intelligence briefing called Independent Living News.

Every month I help my readers take action toward a more self reliant, more free life. Independent Living readers know that no one is going to bail them out. And no one is going to rescue them when the SHTF.

You Shouldn’t Go It Alone
And Now You Don’t Have To

We all know that most of the people around us blatantly ignore the dangers we face.

The over growth of government, our open borders, our vulnerable power grid, our broken healthcare system, etc…

...these are all real issues that threaten our freedom now.

You already know these aren’t apocalyptic hundred-years in the future cautionary tales. These threats are real and they’re already here.


Have you ever tried to bring up these topics with your friends or family?

If you haven’t, here’s a preview of the conversation with most Americans:

They’ll call you a “conspiracy theorist”, “paranoid” or (my favorite) a “right wing nut-job.”

But what will these same people do when they find out you were right all along?

I know exactly what will happen because it’s happened to me. On the very yacht I was telling you about, in fact. On September 11, 2001 I had a line down the block to use my satellite phone. One of the only working communication devices in the DC Metro area.​

When an emergency happens, your doorbell will ring and you’ll have two things waiting for you -- a half-assed apology and a plea for help.

Well, I’m tired of it.

I’m tired of the people who are paying attention, the people who know they need to take steps to be prepared, the people who are smart feeling that they are all alone.

And I've decided to do something about it.

Over the past few months, I’ve picked up the phone and talked to dozens of Independent Living News readers… and almost all said the same thing:​

  • “There’s nobody to talk to about this.”
  • “I try to help my friends but they just roll their eyes.”
  • “If something did go down, I have no idea who I could team up with.”
  • “I don’t know who to trust.”

This makes complete sense.

As prepared, vigilant, realistic people, most of us don’t share the precautions we’ve taken -- and rightly so. It puts us at risk. But at the same time, we have the competing knowledge that many are stronger than one.

The problem is, no place exists where people like us can talk, share strategies, and team up. Sure there are dozens of free forums out there but have you ever wondered why of the hundreds of members, there’s only a few that are talking coherently?

What are the lurkers doing? And how do we know the intentions of the people that can join the forum with no investment in less than 2 minutes? This is not the type of place I want to be sharing the details of my plan.

So I created it. I created a place where self-reliant people can find others who think like us. People who understand that the more prepared we all are, the stronger our nation becomes. A place where you can share as little or as much as you want because I personally monitor the membership to keep looky-loos, lurkers, and nosy Nellies away.​


Advanced Freedom Club

A Community of Like-minded Individuals Who Aren't Content to Sleepwalk Through Life

I've experienced firsthand the miracles that can happen when you bring smart, self reliant people together to help each other.

I think our Founding Fathers understood this too when they came together to dream up a better way of life. They stuck together even when disagreements arose thanks to a common goal. FREEDOM!

And I think you would agree with me that their vision of how life should be has been dragged through the mud over the years. We can thank the massive growth of government and plain-old Washington laziness for perverting what was supposed to be a better way of life for all Americans.

People Like Us Must Stick Together

A lot of people have called me an alarmist in the past. I say “Let ‘em!”

I won't be suckered into a false sense of security when it's obvious to me that it doesn't exist. And I won't let my friends and readers be suckered either.

I create my own security and so do you.

I encourage you to consider (right now) who you have in your life that supports and encourages you while you do what’s necessary to protect your freedom and the freedom of your loved ones.

Maybe you already have a strong network of people you know will be standing by when things go horribly wrong.

People that won’t be parasites because they’re prepared, too.

People that will contribute resources, time, and strength when we need it most.

People that don’t laugh at what we’re doing, but help us do it better.

If you have people like that, you can stop reading.

If you have a way to connect to people like that, you can stop reading.

Because for most of us, we can’t name more than 2 or 3 people in our lives that fit that description. And deep down we know that 2 or 3 just ain’t gonna cut it.​

That’s what Advanced Freedom Club is all about.

Picture an Army Standing at the Ready 

There’s an old phrase in the military, “we train like we fight.”

And just like our military knows they can count on the guy next to them, we need to have people in our lives we can trust to be by our side when we need them most.

What would it mean to have an army of like-minded friends standing by the ready for YOU?

Let's face it. Our world is not getting any safer.

Every day more threats put our way of life at risk.

Threats like:​

  • Government Growth
  • An unprotected power grid
  • Over spending by politicians
  • Increased ISIS attacks
  • Open borders
  • Attacks on the 2nd Amendment
  • Criminal behavior on Wall Street
  • Increased attacks on police officers
  • Growing civil unrest giving way to looting and riots

The big question we ALL must answer to NOW is "What are you going to do about it?"

If you're an action taker - and I suspect you are - you'll find the Advanced Freedom Club is one of your answers.

  • Want to make your home more secure?
  • Have retirement or financial questions?
  • Need to hone your disaster action plans?
  • ...Or do you have ideas that can help someone else?

The Advanced Freedom Club gives you access to:

  • Community
  • Experts
  • Training

That can help you with all of your questions.

The “Survivalist Gurus” Have it WRONG

There are plenty of “survivalist gurus” around today who will teach you how to build a hut in the woods with sticks or start a fire with nothing but your shoelaces when things get tough.

But most of the “options” from these gurus seem so dismal.

How can bunker life and mastering the art of “feasting” on backyard bugs actually help? Well, it can’t. That’s the nutty caricature heaped on self-reliant individualism, a spoon-fed narrative to make you give up and shut up and accept the “inevitable.”

Making a rotten system work for you is the new must-have skill-set. Freedom is about expanding your options in all spheres of your life - tweaking your finances, health care, privacy and autonomy so that political schmucks have far less leverage over your choices.

That is uniquely what I do.

Look around at the self-reliance field carefully. Right now for better or worse, I am the leading publisher and inventor out there. Some see a think-outside-the-system renegade, maybe - but at least a modern individualist who creates original workable strategies and follows his own advice.

Seriously, most survivalist gurus are promoters of fluffy Internet fantasies, not actual problem solvers. So sure, yours truly may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can at least know that I am real and on the job trying to plot the best paths forward you and myself.

I am not a survivalist.

I teach an advanced brand of self-reliance that isn’t for everyone.

The key to a smarter, more advanced life is found in mastering one simple concept…


Passive resistance to the system and greater personal self-reliance are one in the same and can “go viral.”

It is a safer and more effective way forward.

Parents who homeschool their kids are engaging in passive resistance. It hasn’t been enough to break entrenched machine politics used by the teachers unions but it has forced the creation of more charter schools.

My point is, passive resistance can take many forms and could yet save our country.

Joining a community like the Advanced Freedom Club is an act of passive resistance. It shows that you’re not content with the status quo. It shows that you want to learn how to live a more advanced life alongside people who share your values.

Does that sound like you?

Everything You Need… Inside This Private Society

Let me be very specific now and show you everything inside the Advanced Freedom Club

  • Exclusive Never-Released Training. 
    These are the experts I call on when I have questions. Want to know how to build a Panic Room for under $500? How about your own Water filtration system? I’ve built courses on these topics and more. If I didn’t have the information, I consulted people that have. Experts in security, health, safety, defense, and more. When you join you get immediate access to our never-before-seen library of courses and expert interviews. Plus you get all my best (and newest) reports and manuals.
  • Secret Community of Self-Reliant Individuals.
    This is the heartbeat of the Advanced Freedom Club. In our private community you connect with like-minded, freedom loving individuals who have your back through thick and thin. People that can show you the perfect load-out for your bug-out bag, off-grid living hacks you never would have thought of, or financial workarounds that keep your assets private.
  • Preferential Treatment at Our Partner Companies.
    We've secured discounts and perks on everything from prescriptions to travel to dining at some of the world’s largest retailers. These are companies that have everything to lose with an unprepared customer base. They’ve partnered with our mission of self-reliant citizens and have given us exclusive benefits to make that happen. Note: These discounts alone pay for the membership dues.
  • Free Subscription to Independent Living News (normally $119 all by itself).
    Members receive a digital version of my newsletter Independent Living News every month (as much as a week or two faster than snail mail delivery). I pay attention for you. I know you are very busy, so I’ll personally deliver the latest research, predictions, and tactics for protecting your assets, health, freedom, and privacy.
  • Access to My Full Research Team.
    My research team will be intimately involved in the group each month. Each month they’ll produce a comprehensive report centered around the most talked-about topics in the group. In the unlikely event that a question arises that our exclusive community can’t answer, I’ll put the team to work right away.
  • First-look at ILN Products.
    You’ll have first notice of products and courses produced by Independent Living. These are physical products and digital trainings and courses essential for self-sustaining families. You’ll be able to purchase these critical resources before they are released to the general public.
  • Trusted information.
    You can stop sifting through mountains of unreliable information online. No more arguing in forums of uninformed, unintelligent people. We have you covered.

Sneak Peak Insider’s Tour of Advanced Freedom Club

You don’t have to take my word for it. Watch the video below and see everything you’ll get inside the Advanced Freedom Club.

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You Can Stop Wasting
Your Time Now...

If you've gotten this far and you're still not sure if the Advanced Freedom Club is right for you, you might be right.

Look, I'm not interested in "selling" you on the idea that being part of a community like this will put you light years ahead of everyone else you know. In fact, if you’re not into this “sort of thing,” I am encouraging you NOT to join. I already mentioned that I don’t want lurkers, looky-loos, or Nosey Nellies in Advanced Freedom Club.

This group is only for people who are passionate about protecting their freedom and their family. If that’s not you, fine. You can move along.

If you see the value in Advanced Freedom Club but still aren’t sure, for a short time, I’m offering a free “test drive” of everything the club has to offer.​

The discounts, the trainings, the community-- you can have instant access to all of it for 7 days.

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I have no interest in “tricking” you into joining. I’ve made cancellation ridiculously easy. In fact, to prove it, I’ll show you how you can cancel right now. BEFORE you join.​

In's how you cancel

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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